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Saturday, November 18, 2006

3:36PM - Sooo

So this weekened is pretttty busy for me. I had a show last night and with two more to follow. Not a lot of people showed up last night, it was mostly just the families of the kids in the show and some of the Presidents/Producers of the show that saw it. It went pretty well seeing as how we put this whole thing together in 3 weeks (( that should never ever be done)) haha. But it did go pretty well. And another thing that added to the good points of the night was that the frenchman Aranud came home from college yesterday whom i havent seen in about 2 years/a year and a half but it pretty much made my day when he showed up in the dressing room. WOW was i happy. And Australia and her family are having him live at their house this weekend and next weekened as well which is pretty friggin bomb if you ask me. We all missed him sooo much. yay!

But so yes im sure that the rest of the shows will go over well. Should be a blastt.

And so with this week coming up being a 3 day week, that is alsoo FANFLIPPINTASTIC. Pretty excited. Also being followed up with Thanksgiving which is just a holiday where it is an excuse to eat as much as you want without getting yelled at or being called a pig because if you didnt stuff your face you would be considered weird. Butttt turkey honestly isnt my favorite.. too dry.. but other than that i will gorge myself with everything else that my family brings over to the house cause DAMN its good. And supposdly im also going over to Australias for the weekened to be with them which is allllsoo awsome. Perrrty pumped.

Well I should be off to do other things. Lataaaaa

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

7:15PM - Home

Home again!It was an extremely fun week at Australias house and im kinda sad that its over but i see that girl everyday basically so!It will all be fine!So we saw Beauty and the Beast last night and it was SOOOO GOOD!I was totally sucked in the whole time..i deffinatly recommend everybody sees it!

Well i have some things to do so i will chat with you later!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


OKAYYYY SOOO a lott has happened over the past like 4 days and there is still wayyy more to come...AND ITS SOOO FUNNN!!

So my parents are off vacationing in Florida while im back over here w/ the Austalians which is nothing less than fun every friggin day!When i first came over here like the past weekend i saw 4 shows 2 being my own which went amazinggly well by the way!Then me, Australia, Dingo, and Mel went to go see 101 Dalmations which was extremly cute considering that had a bajillion kids all painted black and white and all that good stuff..and my friend was in it and she did a very good job as well being Cruella and all!Then me and the group set off to our next show(UrineTown) to see BENNY BOY AND HANNAH!!!WHICH we havent seen in over a year which was absolutly insaneee!The show was wickedddd good!After the show we went to go see them *GASP* and when we did got attacked..not kidding..which was awesome in itself and while being crowded by a bunch of people taller than me Benny boy comes walking through, tall as ever ( k not kidding the last time i saw him he was only a head above me and then i see him and notice that if he wanted to he could tell me if there was anything falling from the sky) w/ his kick ass boots mind you and and Hannah shouting Dingo through the crowdd...AWWW I MISS THEMM SOOO MUCH I LOVE THEM!!!!<333

okay well Anywayyy the week is going awesome over here and its not even done yet soo i cant wait!

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Monday, April 3, 2006

8:10PM - Its Begun..

So we finally got through the show, it was rough but we made it...my dance still needs a little work though buttt i'll get to that later..so looks like for the rest of the week i better get a good nights sleep because right now i am wickeddddddd tired...you should have seen me eating dinner with my parents, eating as much as a can and then flopping myself down in the chair not caring if its lady like or not haha!Soooo yeahh im tired..

OMG THEN I FELTTT SOOOOO BAD because here we are at the end of rehersal listening to notes and asking about costume stuff for the rest of the show and after me telling buddah that short sleeve shirts is the way to go *WOOPS* think again smarty long sleeved!!!I felt sooo bad i was like omg i am sooooo sorry like 2 or maybe 3 times but i felt really bad...just thought you should know..

okay well im done..

~Dont ask,Dont tell,Dont say anything we both know very well..~Zanna Dont

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Sunday, April 2, 2006

7:53PM - Tech week...oh shcrap

So tech week starts tomorrow!Who does that...i really hope that this show comes together because its going to be the first actual like show show ever done there with an actual band and choreographer so i really want this to pull through...Hopfully during this weeks rehersals things will start coming together, which im sure they will cause thats what normally happens but ughhhhh so much to think about..my throat hurts a little bit right now too so im doing everything i can think of possible to keep it from not getting any worse and im pretty sure its working i really hope so anyway..sitting here with my scarf wrapped around my neck as much as it will go, drinking honey with water, tea, anything good for it...searching everywhere for cough drops and such..yeah good stuff

And what is even better is that after the shows are done i start my packing and head over to Buddah's house for a week!!!!OMG IM SOOO EXCITED, its going to be awesomeee for sure!!!cantttt waittt!!!

Alright well im going to go practice the dances and mineee because it needs work!

~And the Gods heard her prayer..~Once on this Island

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Okay the scene that we blocked today was probably the best scene ive ever been in..and the funniest seeing as how the whole show is very violent at some points haha jk...
But seriously the funniest and most fun hahaha i cant explain it all here, its one of those had to be there things i guess maybeeeeeeeeee...So now i am bored and im probably thinking of calling Buddah in a few so if anything else happens i shall let you know!

~Who can say where i might find my love, who can tell where it might be?~Wuthering Heights

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

10:51PM - Looking back on Old Journal entry

So i was bored and thought lets give Australia a call!!So i've been sitting here looking through my old entrys and remembering summer and how amazingly fun it was...AND SO me sitting here reading every single entry to buddah getting her more into the LiveJournal mood!Its all worth while..haha oh niceee...

SOOO here the two of us are on the phone wanting summer more than ever and hoping the rest of the school year goes by fast...dont worry buddah theres only like 52 more days and we are OUT!!!!WOOOHOO!HEC YES!

Ohhh summerrrrrr I MISS YOU!!!Spring right now though is right up there too!!!<3Only so much longer of school..haha im done

~Kiss me too fiercly hold me too tight i need help believing your with me tonight, my wildest dreamings could not forsee lying beside you with you wanting me..and just for this moment as long as your mine, i've lost all resistance and crossed some border line and if it turns out its over to fast i'll make every last moment last as long as your mine~WICKED

NaNaNaNaNaNaNA old' Schmuel you get to be happy!~The Last 5 Years

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6:04PM - OHHH SHcrappp

Once on this Island is this week!!!We are soo not ready, the whole middle of the show is crap because we havent totally run through it perfectly so now the rest of us are shitting ourselves because the show is this week with only 3 more rehersals left..not as much time as it sounds believe me. And seeing as how my dance has only been worked through like once ahhhh...im pretty sure the show will go well, it will deffanitly be better than a normal MS show i would say...just gonna have to see how it turns out..keep you posted..

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

12:51PM - AHHHH

So auditions for BatBoy today!!!OMG i am sooo excited but im wicked nervous at the same time because there are so many people trying out from so many other theatre companies because sooo many have heard about it!!ahhh!I JUST WANT TO GET IN!!!Ive been practicing my song and monologue and basically all the audition stuff but i didnt want to over practice because then in the audition it would like i was working to hard..but i have been practicing as much as i should without killing myself in the process!
OMG I LOVE BATBOY!It would be supercool if i could get in it would make me extremely happy!!!okay i must stop ...wish me luck!


~I will sheild you from harm~
BatBoy the musical

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Monday, August 22, 2005

9:12AM - No Computer..

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So as you can see i have no idea when im getting a computer so you'll have to call me or send me a letter these days...lol...i miss my sister!

Current mood: I dont know

Friday, August 19, 2005


WHERE IS EVERYONE ON THIS SITE...I know a couple of people are gone on v.k. and some people have switched to myspace but for the people who arent...WHERE ARE YOU!?
Its cleaning day at the acting loft!We are to be sent to the Prop room and clean up the desaster from which us storytime folk created!But thats okay..we arent going to be cleaning all week..Chris isent telling us what we are doing on monday and tuesday but i guess its fun from what he told us and i believe him!
Tonight im going to be helping back stage with the youngens in their show!...im excited for that, they always come up with the coolest sets and stuff..good word to describe things..stuff..yeah..anyway im going to be helping with scene changes and costume changes so that will be fun...and a couple of people i havent seen since school was over are coming..cough*Hannah&Ari*cough..not obvioius at all right!
Tomorrow is going to be a very longggg day for me..we are helping my sister move all of her things to RI in a moving truck..which means a 2 hour drive in the morning and then unloading things the rest of the day...i really dont want her to go...

well i should probably be exctied for her which i am..but its just that sisterly feeling!lol..

*Have another drink my dark eyed beauty*

Current mood: for once

Thursday, August 18, 2005

9:07PM - OH no!

So my sister is leaving on Saturday...i really dont want her to go, i know that ive been through this before but shes never been to another state for 2 years..im bummin, i dont know what to say..
And aside that she IS taking the computer with her, so im spending each last moment that i can with this thing until it gets unplugged and goes off to RI..it may be a while before we get a new one too so i dont know when i'll be on next..
Our last storytime show was today:-(!OMG WHY!But the upside of that is is that we are at the A.L. for the next couple of days cleaning up our messes and just having fun in general!!!IM EXCITED!!!!EEEEEEEE!Im also excited to be helping the young ones with they're show tomorrow...i heard its cute!
So you know the feeling when you dont want to go back to school but you do?...yeah right now i havent made my decision...

*I couldnt be happier...*

Current mood: Ughhhhh

Sunday, August 14, 2005


NO ONE IS WRITING ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR MEL!!!Where have you all gone..well i know kyrie is in NYC but other than that where are all of you people!
Well i dont really care that no one is writing i just like to know what is going on from time to time!
I am sooo excited for our show this week..not because its the last but because its going to be a really cool show which i am playing an overly excited and eccentric grandma!WOOHHOO!Pretty physed..okay i cant spell and i know that okay!
Anyway life goes on..so my sister is moving to RI for 2 years to get her masters or bachelors degree, i cant remember which one but shes going..im going to miss her a lot..i know that the upside of that is that i get her room while shes gone but im gonna miss her..a lot..as i said before..

So thats all i have to say today!

c ya!


*Kiss me goodbye im defying gravity and you cant pull me down*

Current mood: woo!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

8:50AM - Tomorrow...

I did not want to get up this morning...i have no idea why im so tired!!
Tomorrows the show where we all become Chinese, and along with being Chinese we are also wearing black wigs, kamonos, Kabuki theatre makeup, and birds...lol..im excited for the show and all but i dont think i'll ask to be a bird of any sort again lol..
So yeah i got married online last night...it wasent actual marrige but this kid came up to me and was like hey do you want to marry me and i was thinking no but i wrote down yes!WHY!!I DONT KNOW!At least its not actual marrige crap because then id be in trouble..i am deffinitly asking for a divorce though...because as ki ki knows..i like someone else..teehee!
I just had a REALLY good cookie and i thought everybody should know so..there you go!WOOHOO!

*~You'll be with me like a foot print on my heart~*

Current mood: I DONT KNOW!

Monday, August 8, 2005

6:28PM - Chinese birds?

Okay so the accent is good, my songs are okay, but my bird..ITS DEAD!Im not good with multitasking..im really not...im not good at fluttering, singing, and dancing at the same time, i can sing and dance, yeah those 2 go well together but not the fluttering..pretty soon im just going to have to put a brace on both hands and stay like that for everrrrrr!
So other than that life is good!And right now i am HUNGRY!!!So im going to raid my house for food!

Current mood: BIRDS!

Saturday, August 6, 2005

11:58PM - Why?

I went to see FAME today and it was good..i liked the music a lot and it was reallyyyy good to see everyone again...especially Bryan, but seeing as how i couldnt say anything but yes or no to him mad me mad...the first time i see him in over 4 months i couldnt say anything to him because it was different..i didnt know what to say to him after all that has happened and just seeing Bryan there again like his normal self and feelin that same Godspell hug he gave us...i felt upset..yet again going home crying...

Pulling a drama queen thing again i guess..

Current mood: Why?

Friday, August 5, 2005

9:08PM - Woohooo!!

OMG OMG OMG SO I JUST FOUND OUT SOME REALLY GOOD NEWS!!!I was nominated for the 2nd best supporting actress for Godspell!!!OMG it was awesomeeee!!!The sad thing is it dosent really count because the A.L. doesnt particapate in that stuff but thats okay i just think its cool that i was nominated...The nominations went as follows..Best actor: Bryan, Best actress: Stewie, Best supporting Actor: Nick, Best supporting actress: Duche, And Best supporting actress 2: me!!...So i thought that was pretty cool...
So we saw the little kids show today and that was good but i felt so bad that one of the people in the show who was extremely excited to be in it and was so happy to be in the show got sick right in the begining and was too sick to continue...i felt soo bad for Adam, oh hes such a little thing too...but im giving a shout out to him even though he cant see this...Adam we all know your an amazing actor and we know what your capable of and we dont need to see you in a show to tell you how much talent you have in that little body of yours but i hope you feel better and still smile all the way through!;-)
So yes im a Chinese bird in our next storytime show and i didnt think i had an accent in me at all but i guess i did because Chris liked it...why...i dont know honestly i thought it sucked but i guess it doesnt so i'll keep it!WOOHOO!

So yes mel you are back home at last with your mounds of goodies you brought back for us!!or your family even though i ate like 20 freckles this morning, they were sooo good!!!lol...Glad to have you home mel, it hasent been the same without you!

Current mood: WOOHOOO!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

9:11AM - Ummmmmm

So its the day before our show and also the day that Mel is coming home!!!wooohoo!I cant wait to see her!Ans maybe if shes not too jetlagged she can come and see us be dinosaurs (dont ask.)MEL YOUR FINALLY COMING HOME!!!
Anyway the show is going well and im having fun with it, i think everybody else is having fun with it too...i havent asked but im pretty sure they are...yesterday we learned the dances and some of our blocking and we are learning the rest today! Yeah so thats it i guess...

ummm acutally i really dont know i just dont know what to say so..wooo!

Current mood: WOO HOO!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

9:41AM - BORED!

On to Dinosaurous!!!oooo im sooo excited, i cant wait to be honest with you..Kyrie you can do it we all know you can..im touchin up on my triceratops...HEC YES!!
So right now im home, bored, watching a movie with my ma and probably going to be watching The Land Before Time series...lol...so yeah nothing is planned for me yet...so im bored basically!
Oh yeah im on the 4th chapter guys!!And it didnt take long for it to get good...ooo im excited

Well mel!YOUR COMING BACK ON WEDNESDAY!!!OMG I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU...I told Rachel i would be the welcome wagon back but she said no...but i will find a way..dont you worry!!!Have fun with the rest of your trip Mel!!!CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!

Current mood: ZIPPEeEe!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


FINALLY IT IS DONE!!!No more being a horse, no more neighing or whinnying, no more almost killing yourself falling down that raked stage, no more nuzzling with Kyle H., NO MORE BLACK BEAUTY!!!Okay im done ranting now...
So the show was alright i guess, i dont think the kids really got it at all or they might have but thats not for me to say...we wanted to try this show anyway and we did it!!!Im happy...the second show was deffinitly better than the first though, i have to admit that!Now i am sooo ready to move onto Dinosaurous!!!OOOO i cant wait, but i bet Kyrie can!!GOOD LUCK KYRIE, WE ALL KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!
So now that i have heard from many people who have read or are reading Harry Potter that the book is or so far is the best out of the series i must read it!!Im only on chapter 2 so far but the first chapter isent boring at all unlike other books where it takes at least 3 chapters to really speed up and get good!!!Im actually enjoying it...im excited to find out whats going to happen next!AMAZING!
I REALLY DONT WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!I think all these commercials about going back to school need to be shut down immediatly..and i especially think that they shouldnt start those STUPID THINGS until August...okay i saw one start up in June..pissed me off!!!

Anyway!MEL YOU WILL BE RETURNING TO US SOON!!I cant wait to see you mel..have fun with the rest of your trip!!Everybody is dying to see you!!

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